30. Philosophy of Idol Worship--3-1.

 3. A Medium for Establishing Communion With God-1.

    Idols are not the idle fancies of sculptors, but are shining channels through which the heart of the devotee is attracted to God and flows towards Him.

Though apparently the image is worshipped, the devotee feels the presence of the Lord in it and pours out his devotion unto it.

It is the appalling ignorance of the modern sensual man that clouds his vision and prevents him from seeing Divinity in the lovely and enchanting idols of His forms.

    The wonderful scientific advances of this century ought to convince one of the glory of idol worship.

How are the songsters and orators confined to a small box like thing called a radio or a T.V.?

The latter are merely lifeless, mechanical structures which would break into a thousand pieces if thrown violently; and yet, if you know how to handle it, you can hear through it the music and see through it the pictures occurring several thousands of miles away.

Even as you catch the sound-waves of people all over the globe through the radio and T.V., it is possible to commune with the all-pervading Lord through the medium of an idol.

The divinity of the all-pervading God is vibrant in every atom of creation.

There is not a speck of space where He is not.

Why do you then say that He is not in the idols?

Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  .....

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