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                                                      Swami Chinmayananda

Civilization flourishes with the promotion of culture, but when the cultural values deteriorate, the civilization of a society breaks down, as we have known from the fall of the Egyptian, the Greek and the Roman civilizations. The great religious masters of India, using their own ingenious efforts, have time and again revived the philosophical and religious values for which India stood and thereby arrested the deterioration of the culture. When culture deteriorates there is an increase in barbarity and immorality in the country and its philosophy is misinterpreted, leading to confusion and chaos among its people. This, in short, is more or less the sad condition of the present world. The need of the hour is to arrest forthwith the deterioration by reviving the great philosophical and religious values of life. In no other literature in the world have these values been so beautifully and exhaustively dealt with as …

Final Advice To The Meditator: By Swami Chinmayanada

Recognition of the mind's existence, and the total identification with it, are the play of the "spiritual ignorance" (ajnanam), consisting of (a) the non- apprehension of Reality and (b) the consequent misapprehension of it. When we fail to apprehend the way-side post, we misunderstand it as a ghost, and the ghost-vision gives rise to fear, confusion and a raised pulse rate! To deny mind and its out-going thoughts (chittam) and to recognize them as fiickerings of the Self, the Consciousness, is to annihilate the mind. End of the mind is the dawn of "wisdom" (jnanam).

Our spiritual teachers with paternal kindness chalk out for us the entire route of our pilgrimage to the Self in us. "When the sense-organs are not engaged in the seeking of the indulging in the sense-objects, they remain in their own nature and they would not then drag the thoughts out into the field of sense-gratifications." Again, "When this 'self withdrawal' (pratyahara) f…

The Essence of Swami Adi Sankaracharya's Philosophy :

The great Guru after great Lord Sri Raman and Lord Sri Krishna:

The thinking world remembers today the coming of Acharya Sankara Bhagavadpada; an annual occurrence on the fifth day of the bright half of the lunar month of Vaisakha. This annual observance is reminiscent of the great rejuvenator’s rise in this country for a purpose which we cannot limit merely to the destiny of this nation alone, but which should be considered as perennially relevant to the welfare of humanity itself. A genius of the highest rank that Acharya Sankara is reported to have been, he is regarded as a precocious child which could grasp the entire range of scholarly learning within an incredibly short period.

Ashtavarshe caturvedi, dvadashe sarva shastra viduh, shodashe krtavan bhashyam dvatrvishe munirasyavad. This oft-quoted verse tells u…

Relevance Of Ramayana To Modern Life:

The whole universe is under the control of God. God is governed by Truth. Noble souls are the guardians of Truth. Such noble souls are verily the embodiments of Divinity. (Sanskrit Sloka)

Embodiments of Love!

All are essentially the embodiments of Divinity. Eswara Sarva Bhoothanam (God dwells in all beings). Isavasyam Idam Jagat (God permeates the entire universe). Where is the need to search for such an all-pervasive Divinity?

Sarvata Pani Padam Tath Sarvathokshi Shiromukham,
Sarvata Sruthimalloke Sarvamavruthya Thisthati.
(Sanskrit Sloka)

How can you search for Him who is moving about with thousands of feet, thousands of eyes and thousands of ears? So, it is utterly foolish to search for God. God is within you. As you have forgotten your true Self and are carried away by the temporary and transient physical body, you are unable to understand the Divine. When you get rid of body attachment and develop attachment towards the Self, only then you can understand the divine Atmic Principle.



                                                          Swami Sivananda  

For Quick Evolution of the Human Being


(a) An ounce of practice is better than tons of theory. Practice Yoga, Religion and Philosophy in daily life and attain Self-realization. 

(b)These thirty-two instructions give the essence of the Eternal Religion (Sanatana Dharma) in its purest form. They are suitable for modern busy householders with fixed hours of work. Modify them to suit your convenience and increase the period gradually. 

(c) In the beginning take only a few practicable resolves which form a small but definite advance over your present habits and character. In case of ill-health, pressure of work or unavoidable engagements replace your active Sadhana (spiritual practice) by frequent remembrance of God. 



1. Eat moderately. Take light and simple f…

Brahmacharya (Celibacy):

                                                         Swami Sivananda

"Brahmacharya or spotless chastity is the best of all penances; a celibate of such spotless chastity is not a human being, but a god indeed... To the celibate who conserves the semen with great efforts, what is there unattainable in this world ? By the power of the composure of the semen, one will become just like Myself."

  ( Sri  Swami Sankaracharya)


Brahmacharya is a divine word. It is the sum and substance of Yoga. Brahmacharya is the Achara or conduct by which you attain or reach Brahman (God). It is life in the Absolute. It is movement towards God or the Atman (Self). 

Brahmacharya is absolute freedom from sexual thoughts and desires. It is the vow of celibacy. It is control of all the senses in thought, word and deed. 

Brahmacharya is not mere bachelorhood. There should be strict abstinence not merely from sexual intercourse but also from auto-erotic manifestations, from masturbation, fr…

Sri Ramanujacharya Life History :

Sri Ramanuja (1017 - 1137 CE), the most important philosopher-saint of Sri Vaishnavam and one of the most dynamic characters of Hinduism. He was a philosophical as well as a social reformer, displaying a catholicity that was nearly unparalleled in Hindu religious history before him. He revitalized Indian philosophy and popular religion so much that nearly every aspect of Hinduism has been influenced by his work. His life and works show a truly unique personality, combining contemplative insight, logical acumen, catholicity, charismatic energy, and selfless dedication to God. 

The less known fact even among Srivaishnavas about this well known Acharya by whose name Srivaishnava philosophy is called 'Ramanuja Darsanam' and who is hailed as "Sri Vaishnava Siddhanta Nirdhaarana Saarva bouma" is that he was a 'Vadama' by birth.(Authority :" Periya Thrumudi Adaivu, Pazhanadai Vilakkam and Visishtaadvaita Catechism" - quoted in GLE)