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Human consciousness:-

It analyses the entire range of human consciousness in the three states of:-1. Waking state ( Jagret )2. Dream ( Svapna )3. Dreamless deep sleep ( Susupti )
These are common to all men


Pancha boodham                      Qualities                     Sense-organs      ( elements)                                                     Own.   1. Akasam(sky)                                                            Sound                            ears.             2.Vayu(air)                                                        sound+touch                            skin.3. Agni(fire)                                            sound+touch+form                             eyes.4.Jala(water)                                sound+touch+form+taste                          tongue.5.Prthvi/bumi(earth)          sound+touch+form+taste+smell                          nose.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/1. Pancha boodhas/elements are the presiding deities of sense-organs.  2.Panch boodhas illuminate the qualities to sense-organs.3.Ears the organs to receive the akasa-quality (sound), cannot and will not re…


1.It has a unique method of approach to Truth.2. It provides symbol for meditation in mono-syllable A-U-M.3. Comprising of three sounds A, U, M, detailing philosophical implications.4. Meditation- The procedure:-a). Start with pranayamam , breathing in and breathing out, with concentration on pranayamam.b). Secondly, from pranayamam, slowly shift to chanting Pranava mantram A-U-M, after taking a deep breath in. The chanting better audible to you only.c). After some time reduce the volume of chants, and in mind only.d). Now slowly stop chanting, and feel you are calm and the mind is relaxed and silent, if not yet,-e). Start imagine the form (Rup/rupam) of your favourite God.f). Stay there concentrating on the form few seconds.g).Thereafter gradually remove the Idol from the mind, by this time you may stay sincerely there, in no mind state.h). Now through the Bow ( Pranavam), the Arrow ( your Atma) Aimed at Brahmam ( Truth, God), and arrow is released, to be penetrated ( unite…


"Examples, Illustrations, comparisons, and stories are often used in the Upanisads to explain to us the Inexplicable":-----------------------------------------------------------------------/1. In a sense, illustrations( pictures) are employed in Vedanta to serve as Idols (Vigraha or Bhimbam)  in Bhakti margam.2. No piece of stone in any Temple can provide for the devotee his life's goal of achieving happiness and peace.3. But without  an Idol Self-improvement is not possible.4. Idol is the means ; self-discovery is the goal.5. You should not confuse the means with the goal, it will lead to sorrow.6. The Idol serves the spiritual aspirant as a spring-board to heave himself out of Samsara and plunge into himself.7. The Super-Conscious State, otherwise called the State of God-Consciousness, is reached when a devotee through self-surrender or through full discrimination dissociates himself from his false ego-dream and comes to establish himself in the true conviction that he…


Meat eating:-In the nature we find wild animals only eat other animals meat, hence their dental structure is according to their food habits. Animals are generally attacking and possessive nature.We human are born vegetarians, our dental structure is for veg food. we have human nature and not animal like.
Eating meat the mind set gradually changes, the pick up animal's nature, so instead uplifting mind  to higher levels we go down to animal's category.
The TV food shows are mainly on non-veg items, and it is almost encouraging the viewers to follow and proud of it.
Atmeeyatha never allows this practice, because  the animal instincts  developed who takes non-veg food.
Present day violence and rapes are the results of our food habits.


The abusing public and reacting bold girl:-This month young brave mind reacted and prevented further collateral damage from sexually abusing men on the public road. Her name is Amrutha, and the incident happened in God's own country of Bharatham. First she did not care about abuse, later the intensity is grown high , she took preventive measures by hitting both men to the ground.
The whole state stood by her side, when legal action taken by the authorities, eventhough justice on her side, what a funny God's own country? 


Dumb driven cattle:-"These are the days of blind and unintelligent 'Guru Worship' on the one hand, and the 'Guru Damnation'  the other. Those who believe, do so like the dumb driven cattle in herd and there is no active enthusiasm or diligent intellectual stock-taking on their part when they hear an advice or follow a path; unfortunately, religion is not meant for the unintelligent or for the stupid."


Mind is Unique, Independent, and Different.-----------------------------------------------------------/All people : father, mother, son, daughter, wife, husband, uncle, aunt, friends,: their minds are different, nobody can change anybodies mind, nobody can claim that so and so love me, it is not possible, if anybody say so, it may for their self interests.
All minds come from the Lord, and go back to Lord by union. when the newly married after a while go for divorce, because both minds are different and union of mind is not possible between them. So love your Lord, because you (your mind) came from him.  


Swami Sankaracharya's explanation: on Lord Krishna's Declaration:-1. Acceptence of our own ignorance- the 1st step. (Vinayam(Politeness)2. Wish to follow Sreyas way - 2nd step. (Jiijnasa( deep inspiration) Bhakta Lakshanam.3. Prepared to become Sishya under a Guru- 3rd step. (Committed and ready to practice)
Today the attitude of majority people : 1. I know everything, 2. Don't talk to me, 3. Don't teach me etc etc................
Today the mind of majority people are towards:1 . one only Preyas (Materialism), that is welcome only favourable things etc .....etc..........( concerned with body and body only.)


Sadahana Catustaya :- The special qualifications demanded of a perfect student of Vedanta in his coming to experience intuitively in the Absolute Truth as his own self.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------/These qualifications are:-1.Viveka- the capacity to discriminate right or wrong.2.Vairagya- all detachments from sense objects, possessions, relationships  and undisturbed.3.Sat Sampatti:The six ethical perfections are: 1.Sama- peaceful mind.2.Dama- the self control.3.Uparati- the self-withdrawl.4.Titiksa- endurance of mind against unfavourable.5.Sraddha- total attention to any karmam.6.Samadhana- the state of poise and tranquillity.and4.Mamuksuttva- the impatient and burning desire for liberation.


What is Adyatmam:-The nonperishable Brahmam in each living and non-living things present in Chaithanyam Bhavam ( Sakhti or Power)is known as Adyatmam.
Who is Purusan:-Purusan : The Sakthi fixed in all elements in the nature of Chaithanyam(Lord) Purusan is not present outside, it is inside you, and present everywhere, you are living in Purusan only. 


Karma and the result:---------------------------------------/The idea is that every action leads to a result and, consequently, that everything that happens can be traced to something done in the past. Actions determine destiny; this is basic idea of karmam. If anything happens to us that is truly good, we must have done something in the past to deserve it, if something ill befalls us, then at sometime in the past we did something that was not meritorious.This is the lesson to all of us take care ourselves, Beware!  


Nine ways:-
1.Sravanam:- Listening of Eshara Mahima, from Guru or  Satsangam or Scriptures. 2.Keerthanam :- Singing Lord's Glory.(Diverting mind from Samsaram)3.Smaranam:- Continuous thought of  Lord ( Your  Devata such as Rama or Krishna etc..)4.Padasevanam:-Unselfish  service  towards the Lord.( Do good to world...)5.Arachanam:-Total Submission means dedicate your life for Goodness. 6.Vandanam:- Prostrate yourself before the World(Lord). 7.Dasyam:-Being Dasan (Servant) to the World(Lord).8.Sankyam:-Knowing Self.9.Satsangam:-Living with Good people, listening to good people, learning from good people, Following Good people( if you do not get good people associate yourself with spiritual texts and study them, follow them as your Guru, and live accordingly).


Three things which over power us:-
1. Doubt:- We are always in doubt on anything and everything about "what others think"on our words,  acts, wearings, position, status and so on.......................
2.Sorrow:- We wish a crowed around us, unhappy to be alone, hate solitude.
3.Fear:- We are always worried about consequences, afraid of "what will happen"syndrome haunt us.
These are the three  which we carry with us, these may make some life miserable.
Three pradikshanam in temples is usually done by all of us, very few knew the reason, I mean this is performed to eradicate these three weak points ie, Doubt, Sorrow, and Fear.


Ashrams are four-1. Brahmacarya.......age 0-20 yrs........body part is....Heart........Learning(pure)
2.Grahasramam.........age 21....60yrs......body part......Hip.......Married life, Putroulpadanam, (pure mind)
3.Vanaprastham------age 61....body part ...Chest-------Preparation to renouncing the world.( pure)
4.Sanyasam------Final Stage-------body part.... Head...Renounce everything, lead life pure and surrender to the Truth, Realty.


What is Sneham or Premam(Love)?....................................................................................................../ In Bhagavatham Lord Krishna tells to Gopikas: Love is Union of Minds( union of Jeevatma and Paramatma) and the types of love amongst us.
The love is four types:-------------------------------------------------------/ 1.Swartham:- (Selfish)-to get your need to be done: example -children towards parents/elders/friends. 2.Karunya:-(Compassion)- Accepting and a sense of forgiveness : example-Parents towards children.3.Vyavahara:-(Business)-How much I get return that much : example-Husband and wife.4.Atmeeyam:-(Spiritual)-Uplifting weak mind to the level of strong one.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/


"What is the goal of life and what should be the aim of existence?"------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/ From time immemorial, the way of right living had been a serious question with all-thoughtful generations and, era after era, each generation found a convenient answer for itself to suit the conditions or circumstances and temperaments of the people. It is not an exclusive problem that is facing us today when we discuss in the press as well as on the platforms whether we are to be secular or spiritual. ' These words may be new to us; the problem may look like a new weapon forged at the anvil of our times. But the fundamental idea underlying them is eternal and is ever the same. This problem can be solved only when we have found out for ourselves an answer to the great question: "What is the goal of life and what should be the aim of existence?"
"Is life to be spent in walk…