Nine ways:-

1.Sravanam:- Listening of Eshara Mahima, from Guru or  Satsangam or Scriptures.

2.Keerthanam :- Singing Lord's Glory.(Diverting mind from Samsaram)

3.Smaranam:- Continuous thought of  Lord ( Your  Devata such as Rama or Krishna etc..)

4.Padasevanam:-Unselfish  service  towards the Lord.( Do good to world...)

5.Arachanam:-Total Submission means dedicate your life for Goodness.

6.Vandanam:- Prostrate yourself before the World(Lord).

7.Dasyam:-Being Dasan (Servant) to the World(Lord).

8.Sankyam:-Knowing Self.

9.Satsangam:-Living with Good people, listening to good people, learning from good people, Following Good people( if you do not get good people associate yourself with spiritual texts and study them, follow them as your Guru, and live accordingly).