Sadahana Catustaya :- The special qualifications demanded of a perfect student of Vedanta in his coming to experience intuitively in the Absolute Truth as his own self.


These qualifications are:-

1.Viveka- the capacity to discriminate right or wrong.

2.Vairagya- all detachments from sense objects, possessions, relationships  and undisturbed.

3.Sat Sampatti:

The six ethical perfections are: 

1.Sama- peaceful mind.

2.Dama- the self control.

3.Uparati- the self-withdrawl.

4.Titiksa- endurance of mind against unfavourable.

5.Sraddha- total attention to any karmam.

6.Samadhana- the state of poise and tranquillity.


4.Mamuksuttva- the impatient and burning desire for liberation.