Unfortunately to the majority of us this harmony is an accidental vision, an unpredictable divine visitation. Even when this harmony is felt we know not how to persuade it to remain with us for a longer period of time; it comes at its own sweet will, woos us for a moment, and like the buzzing courtiers of flowers, it leaves us to pine for its next visit. The scientists  of the Upanishads have systematically proceeded and have realized the nature of this harmony. They have observed the favourable conditions in which this elation and ecstasy is produced and maintained in the human bosom. They also give us a perfect  picture of the conditions and causes under which this spiritual glory itself dimmed in us.

"This deity of Harmony, itself seen manifest in all the activities of the universe, always dwells in the heart of men and women as Supreme Self. Those who realize it through the immediate perception of the heart attain immortality"-- this is the roar of the Upanishads. To live in atonement with this general Harmony in a close-knit bond of love with the individual and his universe around him/her, as the happiest fulfilment that life can ever offer to man and woman.

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