Today people are in hurry with no meaning, everyone dream is a super fast development in each and every sector in life.

A business man has no patience to wait for any thing, he wants immediate huge gain in his business, He can't wait for normal  period required to any work,

This is seen in every field today. These people should watch Nature, and learn how the Nature's cycle functioning.

In Nature in any creative function there is no hurry seen.

1.The Sun rise and set  takes place in slow pace.

2.Likewise the Moon.

3.A Bud open and blossom in its own time.

4.Hatching of Egg, and the new born comes out, in a period of time.

5.Germination of Seed.

6.Final product fruit waiting-leaf,flower, then fruit, a procedural delay is seen.

7.There still many to highlight,please check yourself.

WE think to reach the target in one jump, it is dangerous.

In Atmeeyam there is no use for hurry, You have to practice slowly, get results not soon, it may take many days,months,years to achieve the Aim.

Hence "Hasten Slowly".

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