Scientific education, if it has illuminated more our day-time-world, it also has darkened our nights. Though generally well educated, what a small percentage of our young men and women today are not afraid of lonely nights! Not only do they feel lonely, but they are positively afraid in the night. And if we analyse this silent dead, we can find that it is but essentially our fear to be all alone with ourselves. Our own thoughts generally rise up to accuse us!

Loneliness to the modern man and woman is disastrous threat. To be alone in a quiet place and spend evening all by himself / herself is almost a painful tragedy to many young persons of our times. Very rarely does one know the art of enjoying a delicious evening, melting  and re-moulding     one's entire body into single thrilled sense organ and imbibing delight through every pore of it. Generally modern man and woman want to bring the horizon near hie/her estate, little knowing that the skies are never at his/her elbow. [to be cont---d]
By Swami Chinmayananda.

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