It is not friendship that we seek in society; we merely demand a crowd always to be around us: blabbering, howling, shrieking --all the time weeping, sobbing, sighing. The dripping of  sweat, the sound of wailing, the sigh of despair are the only music that we seem to recognize today . The joyous serenade of leaves, the giggling dance of the rippling waters along rocky distances, the galloping waves restlessly stamping the surface of the seas, the queenly moon gracefully gliding across the soulful nights, the nodding flowers in bunches waiting to watch the procession of the day, the colorful sunset hesitating to leave the luxurious  golden splash of the western sky: none, none of them has any message for a majority of us. If anyone is compelled to spend a day in the midst of  glorious company he/she dies of loneliness! And this dreadful loneliness of the fools is the very joyous solitude of the wise.

An unprepared mind, maladjusted  to receive the hilarious laughter in nature, the boisterous music  in the wind, the sonorous discourses of the ocean, the prattling of the woods, would indeed consider it a tragic loneliness to be alone. But to the same person, when he/she returned and reeducated to enjoy the the harmony in nature, the melody of life, the orchestra of the sounds in the air, that very loneliness itself becomes a rediscovering solitude. Enjoying the sweet and beneficent experience that one in solitude is ever in high company --in the midst of which all the fancied advantageous of human neighbourhood become insignificant. 

Such a human  start recognizing an infinite and deep friendliness with everything, sentient and insentient, around--a feeling of utter love enveloping him all round as a divine atmosphere.   

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