Ramayana should not be a heard as collection of stories, studied and inner tattvam is assimilated and followed in our day to day life. Lord Rama, the character is an example of good human, Rama owns a mind which is strong, and ready to obey any orders from his father, mother,Guru, and the list is long.

Wonder Ramayana is celebrated in OUR CAPITAL every year at Ramleela maidan, and the worse part the crime against women is fearful increase, here!?Very big administrative band is there to sing useless discussions at taxpayers cost, this drama is direct telecast, so that the country can follow their footsteps and play hooligans in the streets molesting children,women, and the old.

Law and order machinery in the country is out of order since very long, the so called leaders of the country asleep, snoring heavily. Leaving few good people, the majority citizens are run behind money, women, sex, and all sorts of material pleasures, throwing all morals and values to the wind. All live in short-cuts, crook minded, dishonest,lazy, fear physical work, the list is lengthy, you can watch if your sense-organs are vigilant.

This can not go like this, what we can do on this, think about it.[to be cont--d] 

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