Truth is not a Factor thrust upon us. There is no force used at all. It is through logical reasoning and analysis of values of the external world and its conditions that we slowly  get away from the false sense-objects, step by step, and ultimately reach the Real. 

Generally, there is a feeling that the Spiritual life of God-seeking is meant for those persons who are physically deformed or or mentally hysterical or intellectually abnormal, or for those persons who in life are ridden with disappointments and disastrous calamities. When we fall in life, we run frantically to Religion. There is a general belief that Religion is an open door for all scum  of society./ This is absurd. Those  who hold such views know not what Religion is. Religion is not for unworthy, unintelligent and abnormal. Religion is for the most level-headed and balanced men-spiritually, psychologically and physically sound men.[to be cont---d]