To a Vedanta followers, the real Guru is the pure Intellect within. The purified, deeply aspiring mind is the disciple. This is represented for us in the unforgettable scene in our Bhagavadgeeta, where between the two opposing forces, in a chariot, the Absolute  Teacher is preaching the Geeta to the Eternal disciple,  Arjuna. 

Today's Arjunas:-

When a pure mind gets aghast at the negativity arrayed against  the comparatively smaller forces of positivity, in sheer despair it surrenders itself completely to the pure intellect, the Lord Krishna within. ALL such living Arjunas can even today hear the entire divine song in the inner Kurukshetra of their own bosom. Only we must make an earnest attempt and in faith wait for then critical hour when our minds glide into the voiceless state of true Vairagya---the true Arjuna Sthiti.


Thus, the most important thing is our own self-effort. In sincere Sadhana purify the equipment and the Guru necessary for our next stage of growth shall reach us. This is the Eternal Law. Hour by hour, the world about us is so ordered as to give us necessary doses of experiences. Lord Krishna and Lord Sri Raman are great Gurus of the Universe, They are not Gods and our spiritual scriptures are our great guides, the are not religious books applicable to each Bharath nivasi.