Thoughts cannot be the mind because the quality, nature and identity of our thoughts never remain the same although we feel that our mind is ever the same. If thoughts were the mind, it would have changed as often as our thoughts! Nor can the mind  be 'desire'because desire has no existence apart from thoughts.

Our Sastras are much more direct. For their crystalline clarity of expression, completeness of exposition, thoroughness  of explanation, no scientific literature in the world has yet come to compete with the perfections gained in these lines by the Hindu sastras in the hands of Rishies.

According  to our sastras thought is but a manifestation of the mind, but the mind is a delusive nothing seemingly conspicuous, a delusive some thing created when thoughts flow. This is better understood if we take the example of a river. The river is not water, nor is it water with two banks. A river is there where waters flow; the flowing is the essence of the river. Similarly, thoughts are not the mind. But thoughts flowing one after the another in an unbroken continuity create a delusive 'something'called the mind. And this mind threatens us, nay, even governs over us, persecuting us with its low demands, animal instincts, and vicious urges, or, at some moments with its higher demands of divine calls and spiritual urges. ( to be con--d)  

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