Temple of Spiritualism:-

Religious life starts when one, by intelligently living the experiences of life,  comes to feel the imperfections of one's own worm-existence. Atma-krpa, according to our sastras, is the last gate to the temple of spiritualism. But, unfortunately, "the sick hurry and divided aims" of our materialistic world  give us no mental or intellectual rest to estimate life and come to feel the completeness of it all. From desire to desire we are whipped along to groan down the path of life towards the abysm of death. Earning and spending, acquiring and hoarding, "we lay waste our powers," over seeking  but never finding an unbroken and perfect state of peace  or joy. The more the materialism encroaches upon our divine nature, the more we shall get into the kingdom of the animals, and further away shall we thereby move the bliss of perfection which is the true and rightful heritage of man. Man's eternal nature is Bliss. Bliss alone in his svarupa . "That Thou Art, " and not this----an ineffectual tearful creature-----is the repeated assertion of the Vedantic Masters, who were all established in their own subjective experience of this great Truth.(to be cont--d) 

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