"A True Brahmanan "




1. A true Brahmanan is he, who is not only a man of independent judgement and truly religious, but also a man with full freedom to express his ideas.


2. This is exactly the quality absent in the present day brahmanas of the world.


3.The Europeans philosophers and the Bharatheya  pandithas , including the heads of Matts, and themselves in an uneviable position, compelled to dilute their opinion to court the attributes or even the prejudices of their patrons!


4. Such Acharyas are not considered here as the ideal ones to be followed.


5. An ideal brahmanan should be one who is not set on by others.


6. He must not be cruel.


7. He must be a self-dedicated champion of the greater values of life as explained in the immortal scriptures of the Bharatham ( Hindus).


8. Such men of dedicated life, firmly established in their ideas and stoutly independent, are the true sons of the Hindu culture,


9. and you have been asked to follow them whenever there is doubt regarding either your action or your conduct.  


10. Taittiriya Upanishad : Chapter-1, Section-11, Mantram-7.    

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