"Isvara Krupa" or "Atma Sakti" or "Glory of the Kundalini" ( Mental Capacity)




1. Sadhana or Spiritual training, develops in the Sadhaka a mental capacity to think or to wish, to feel or to determine, to reject or to desire, one solitary idea, to the total and complete exclusion  of all other dissimilar or even complimentary thoughts.


2. Thus a man was ordinarily ineffectual and helpless, comes to rise above the circumstances of his life and even to rule over them when he develops in yoga.


3. The devotees would call this as Isvara Krupa ( mental capacity), while Vedantins would call it as Atma Sakti, and the Yogis would name it as a glory of the Kundalini.


4. In fact, all of them are talking of one and the same phenomenon; when an individual gets more and more integrated in his physical, mental and intellectual personalities, more and more he becomes a power to be reckoned with, a potency most irresistible.



5. Out of even the worst of us such a genius can be brought out through the divine technique  of yoga  ( Sadhana or Spiritual Training)

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