" Susumna Nerve ": ---


1.  The subtle Spiritual body is believed to be constituted of some 101 nerves which the surgeon's eyes ever see!


2. Of them, most important is Susumna, which runs parallel to the backbone all along its length and penetrating the top bone, called the apex, extends itself up to the centre of the human crown.


3. The sensitiveness of the top centre portion crown can be very well experienced by ourselves!


4. Especially in a new-born child, one can feel the heart-beat very regularly at that place.


5. It is sufficient to know that the ego-centre of a meditator who has realised, during his life, the relative Truth, at the time of his death, escapes through the Susumna and crossing distinct regions of experiences reaches Brahma loka from where, ultimately at the end of Kalpa, with dissolution of the world of experience, it reaches the Supreme State of Realisation.


Summing up:  Hundred and one are the nerves of the heart; of them one, Susumna penetrates the crown of head. Going towards through that nerve one attains Immortality, The others departed lead differently. 


Kathopanishad: Chapter-2, Valli-6, Mantram-16.    

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