"A Discussion between Father and Son-15."


Section 6
Further Illustrations:

1 & 2 “You know, curd (yogurt), when churned, exudes butter. Butter rises up on
churning the curd. It comes up as the essential part of the milk through the
process of curdling and churning. This is what happens to the food that we take.
It is churned inside by the forces of our body, and the essential part of the food
rises up into the structure of the psychological organ. It becomes the essence of
our thinking process. It becomes the mind. As butter comes out of milk through
curdling and churning, even so, the mind starts functioning by means of the
churning of the food through the action of the forces of the body. This is the
case with everything else also,—the water that we drink, and the other fiery
elements that we consume.


3 & 4. In the same way as the mind is formed of the essential subtle parts of gross
food, so is prana formed of water and speech formed of the fiery elements in
the food. “So, my dear boy, have I concluded my findings.”


5. “Now do you understand that the mind is formed of food, prana is made of
water, and speech is made of fire?” “Still more do I require clarification. This
much is not enough. Tell me something more about this secret.” “Yes; I shall
now declare the secret behind all this, how food influences the mind, and how
the mind is entirely dependent upon food.”

Chandogya Upanishad: Chapter-2, Section-6, Mantram- 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.


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