"A Discussion between Father and Son"-18.







1. You have no support anywhere in this world, except your own self, as the
peg is the resting place of the bird in the illustration. But, this is a point which
nobody can remember. You seek support outside, and so go on working hard
every day to come in contact with things external, thinking that your support is
outside, but it is not there! You can not find a final support anywhere in the world.

2. Everybody is sick of you, in fact, wherever you go. Then what happens? Your experiment fails and you go back to your home, because nobody really wants you. There is the home which you enter after realising the truth of things. “I have searched and searched with the help of friends and so-called supports. I have found nothing anywhere; I go back to my own home.”



3. This is what you do when you retire to sleep, but you do not properly get educated by the phenomenon. You do not know why you are exhausted in life. If you had known the reason for this occurrence, you would have learnt a lesson from this futile experiment of earthly pursuits. The understanding is not there; there is only an exhaustion and a fatigue, the cause of which is never realised.



4. So, every day you make the same mistake and every day you go back home crying in the same way. “This is the sleep that you undergo,” says the father to the son. You go to the being that you are, instead of searching for support in the non-being that is 'the outside'.



5. Pranabandhanam hi, saumya, mana iti: The mind is rooted in true being which is your essential nature, which you enter in sleep. That is sleep,—that is your basic substance. 3. Asana-pipase me, saumya, vijanihiti yatraitat.



6. Chandogya Upanishad: Chapter-2, Section-8, Mantram-2.


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