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Wish you all A Happy Ganesh Chathurthi!!!

After he had successfully practised all kinds of sadhana, Sri Ramakrishna one day worshipped his own wife Sarada Devi as Mother of the Universe. He worshipped her in the same manner as one worships Kali or Saraswati, chanting mantras and offering flowers and bel leaves. Sarada Devi was Kali incarnate. He saw her as such.

In this connection Sri Ramakrishna used to tell a story of the Puranas. It was the story of Ganesh. Ganesh is the son of Mother Durga. When he was a small boy he once beat a female cat severely with a stick. The cat was bleeding profusely. Some time later Ganesh came to his mother and saw that there were marks of beating on her whole body. Who had beaten her? Mother Durga said, “My child, it’s you who have beaten me.” Ganesh was speechless with wonder. What was she saying? How could it be possible ? And if he did such a thing he should surely remember it.

Mother Durga said: “Think, and try to remember if you have beaten any creature today.” Ganesh said: “I have beaten a cat. Why do you ask?” Mother Durga said, “My child, you have in fact beaten me; because I am present in every female being in the world.”

Ganesh listened to her and understood that all women were like mother to him. So when he grew up he did not,marry at all.

Sri Ramakrishna saw Mother Kali in all women. This is the reason why, although he married Sarada Devi, he never looked upon her as anything but Mother.

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