SIN : 3.


Sin is expiated by self-punishment such as fasting, Japa, penance, meditation, and repentance with a contrite heart. Even a wicked man can have communion with God through repentance, prayer, and meditation. 

The confession of evil deeds is the first beginning of good deeds. Be not ashamed to confess that you have been in the wrong. If you confess your evil actions, you now have more sense than you had before, to see your error. If you confess your sins, you begin your journey towards emancipation. He who is sorry for having done evil actions mends himself and improves quickly. 

Repentance is a divine streamlet for sinners to wash their sins. Repent with a contrite heart. God will forgive you. 

If you commit a wrong on a certain occasion, you should not commit it again. There should be no wrong over wrong. You may claim forgiveness, if you are resolute to do the evil thing no more. 

A woman was charged with adultery. The Pharisees wanted Jesus to pronounce the Mosaic verdict of stoning her unto death. Lord Jesus quietly said, "Let him that is without sin among you, cast the first stone on her". This powerful utterance of the Lord at once turned the gaze of each one there within himself. Who could be without sin ? Introspection revealed their own defects. One by one, the people hung their heads down and left the place. "Where are they ?", Lord Jesus asked the woman, "Did no man condemn thee ?" "No, my Lord", said she. "Neither do I condemn thee. Go thy way, and sin no more", said the Lord, summing up in this beautiful incident the very essence of His divine message. 

Contrition, change of heart, is the only condition for God's forgiveness of human sin. Confess your sin. Repent for your sin. Turn away from sin. Do not repeat it again. Pray. Do Japa. Meditate. Practice Pranayama. Do expiatory acts. All your sins will be washed away. You will shine with lustre and brilliance. 

Hear the words of assurance of Lord Krishna in the Gita: "Even if the most sinful worshipeth Me with undivided heart, he too must be accounted righteous, for he hath rightly resolved". There is great hope even for a cut-throat, if he makes a strong determination and takes up the spiritual path. 

Sin is a mistake committed by the ignorant Jiva during his journey towards the Satchidananda abode. Every mistake is your best teacher. One has to evolve through sins or mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable. Some people become a prey to thoughts of sin. They ever brood: "We are great sinners. We have committed great sins". This is a great blunder. Do not brood too much on the past events. Learn the lesson and forget the past. Once you make up your mind to tread the path of Truth, all sins will be destroyed. 
Swami Sivananda.


To be continued ...

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