A Summary of the Srimad Bhagavatham : Ch-6. Part-20.

6: Sri Krishna’s Vrindavana and Dvarka Lilas :


The story of Sudama is touching indeed. He was utterly poor to the core, and was in rags.

On the insistence of his wife, he trudged from Avanti, near Indore, through the deserts of Rajasthan to Sri Krishna’s palace in Dvarka.
The gatekeepers would not allow him in because of his ragged appearance, but when Sudama insisted that he was a classmate of Sri Krishna, they went and told Sri Krishna, “Somebody is standing at the gate like a beggar, and he says he is your classmate.”

“Oh, I see!” said Sri Krishna. He ran and hugged Sudama and, to the horror of all, brought him into the palace and washed his feet.

“Ah! What have you brought me?” asked Sri Krishna.

Sudama, poor man, had brought nothing.

He was ashamed to say anything.

His wife had nothing to give him to offer when he went to have darshan of Sri Krishna, so she begged for a little beaten rice—chura—from neighbours, and tied it in a dirty old cloth, which he kept under his armpit.

But he would not show it to Sri Krishna because he was dazzled by the glory of the palace and the wonderment of the entire atmosphere, so he hugged it tightly and said, “I have nothing.”

Swami Krishnananda

To be continued  ...

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