A Summary of the Srimad Bhagavatham : Ch-7. Part-20.

7.Sri Krishna’s Kurukshetra Lila :


This news of conniving a tragic approach towards Sri Krishna was somehow or other known to Satyaki.

He immediately ran to Krishna and said, “Master! They want to imprison you. Shall I bring the army?”

“Keep quiet,” Sri Krishna said. “I do not want any army.”

“No, Master. We’ll take care of it. I shall call the forces,” said Satyaki.

“No. Sit quiet,” replied Sri Krishna.

Then Sri Krishna stood up and said, “Bhishma, Drona, and others, great heroes seated here, I think Duryodhana is asking for trouble. He wants to bind me. Let him. Let all the people come.”

Gandhari, who was also there, wept. “Oh! How is this possible that my son is talking like that?”

She summoned him, and at the behest of his mother, Duryodhana, in great anger, came to the audience.

Reprimanding him, she said, “Have you any shame? Idiot! You talk of binding this ambassador. Are ambassadors bound? You must respect them. Keep quiet. Don’t talk. Have you any sense?”

Swami Krishnananda

To be continued  ....

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