A Summary of the Srimad Bhagavatham : Ch-8. Part-6.

Concluding Message: The Stages of Ascent to Moksham

8: The Stages of Ascent to Moksham:


According to the Yoga Vasishtha, these are the first three stages of actual sadhana, spiritual practice.

By continuing this practice for a long, long time throughout one’s life, the sattva, or the purity in one’s person, flashes forth, and the sun of knowledge begins to dazzle through this mirror-like clean mind that has been attenuated through the absence of desires.

This is a pure sattvic transparent condition of the mind, free from any kind of distraction or lethargy, i.e., rajas and tamas.

This in itself is a great achievement that we have flashes of insight in our sadhana.

This state is called sattvapatti.

Because of the bliss that we enjoy by the experience of this light of the Self emanating from within one’s own self through the mind that is so transparent, we do not feel a desire for anything that is outside, and we feel that we are sufficient in ourselves.

Our very being is a joy to us, and we do not want assistance from any other thing. Detachment automatically, spontaneously takes place in this stage.

Swami Krishnananda

To be continued  ....

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