Sadhana : 1.2


Mere curiosity will not help you to attain any spiritual progress.

Curiosity-mongering is more abominable than mischief-mongering.


Analyze your thoughts and find out whether you have real spiritual hunger or mere curiosity-mongering.

Transmute curiosity-mongering into real thirsting for salvation by constant Satsang (association with the wise), study of good religious books, prayer, Japa, and meditation.

You must have interest and liking in your Sadhana.

You must understand well the technique and benefits of Sadhana.

You must select a Sadhana that is suitable for you.

You must have the ability and capacity to do Sadhana.

Then alone you will have joy in do ing the Sadhana and full success in it.

Swami Sivananda

To be continued    ....