Sadhana : 2.3


You will have to break the virgin soil before you sow the seed.

The seed breaks itself before it sprouts out as a plant.

Destruction precedes construction.

This is the immutable law of nature.

You will have to destroy your brutal nature first before you develop divine nature.

The spiritual path is rugged, thorny, and precipitous.

The thorns must be weeded out with patience and perseverance.

Some of the thorns are internal; some are external.

Lust, greed, wrath, delusion, vanity, etc., are the internal thorns.

Company with evil-minded persons is the worst of all the external thorns.

Therefore, shun ruthlessly evil company.

During the period of Sadhana, do not mix much; do not talk much; do not walk much; do not eat much; do not sleep much.

Observe carefully the five 'do-not's'.

Mixing will cause disturbances in the mind.

Talking much will cause distraction of the mind.

Walking much causes exhaustion and weakness.

Eating much induces laziness and sleepiness.

Swami Sivananda

To be continued    ....

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