Sadhana : 4 - 1 .


The spiritual path may, in the beginning, appear to be very hard, thorny, precipitous and slippery.

Renunciation of objects gives pain at the outset.

 If you struggle hard to tread the path, if you once make a strong determination and firm resolve, then it becomes very easy. You get interest and new joy. Your heart expands.

You have a broad outlook of life.

You have a new, wide vision.

You feel the help from the invisible hands of the Indweller of your heart.

Your doubts are cleared by themselves by getting answers from within.

You can hear the shrill, sweet voice of God.

There is an indescribable thrill of divine ecstasy from within.

There is deep, abiding, everlasting joy and unruffled peace.

There is ineffable, unabating, undiminishing, undecaying spiritual bliss.

This gives new strength.

The footing in the path becomes firmer and firmer.

The Jivanmuktas, Yogins, Nitya-siddhas, Amara-purushas, and Chiranjivis lend their helping hands to the struggling aspirants.

The aspirants feel this actually.

The feeling of loneliness and of being neglected and forsaken vanishes entirely.

Swami Sivananda

To be continued    ....

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