Sadhana :6-1.


The gradual inward progress is mostly silent and unseen, like the quiet unfolding of a bud into a flower in the hours of the night.
Therefore, do not be dejected.

Do not depress yourself with the idea that you are not progressing.

Real spiritual progress is really and accurately measured by the peacefulness, serenity, and calmness that you manifest in waking state.

You will have a healthy body and mind, the excretions will be scanty, the voice will be sweet, the face will be brilliant, the eyes will be lustrous.

You will be ever calm, tranquil, and poised; you will be ever cheerful, fearless, and contented.

You will be dispassionate and discriminative.

There will be no attraction for the world.

Things that used to upset you before will not upset you now.

You will have an unruffled mind.

You will have introversion.

Things that used to give you pleasure produce disgust or a reverse effect now.

You will have a one-pointed, sharp, subtle mind.

You will be longing to have more meditation.

You will experience lights, visions, divine smell, divine taste.

The idea that all forms are forms of the Lord will get stronger and stronger in you.

You will feel everywhere the presence of God.

You will experience the nearness of God.

You will have a very steady Asana.

You will develop a burning desire for selfless service.

Swami Sivananda

To be continued    ....

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