Sadhana :6-3.


Do not stop the Sadhana when you get a few glimpses of realization.

Continue practice till you are fully established in Bhuma, the unconditioned Brahman.

This is important.

If you stop practice and move about in the world, there is every likelihood of a downfall.

The reaction will be tremendous.

Examples are not lacking.

Numerous persons have been so ruined.

A glimpse cannot give you perfect safety.

Do not be carried away by name and fame.

You can renounce your wife, children, parents, house, friends, and relatives.

It is very, very difficult to renounce the intellectual pleasure, the pleasure from name and fame.

I seriously warn you.

A man who can draw happiness from the Atman within, will never care a jot for this trivial, paltry affair.

The world is a mighty big thing for a worldly man.

It is a straw for the Knower of Brahman.

It is a mustard, a pin's point, a dot, a bubble, an airy nothing for a Brahma-jnani (Knower of Brahman).

Be circumspective.

Ignore all these trivial things.

Be steady with your practice.

Never stop the practice till the final beatitude is reached.

Never cease Sadhana till you can constantly dwell in full Brahmic consciousness.

Swami Sivananda

To be continued    ....

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