Sadhana :7.1.


Sometimes the aspirant gets stuck up.

He cannot proceed further in his path.

Sometimes he is side-tracked through Siddhis.

He loses his way and walks in some other direction.

He misses the goal.

Sometimes he is assailed by temptations and various oppositions.

Sometimes he gets false contentment.

He thinks he has reached his goal and stops all Sadhana.

Sometimes he is careless, lazy, indolent.

He cannot do any Sadhana.

Therefore, be eternally vigilant, like the captain of a ship, like the surgeon in the operation theatre.

The spiritual path is full of hurdles.

If you conquer one obstacle, another obstacle is ready to manifest.

If you control the sense of taste, another Indriya is simply waiting to assault you with redoubled force and vigour.

If you remove greed, anger is waiting to hurl you down.

If you drive egoism through one door, it enters through another door.

Great patience, perseverance, vigilance, and undaunted strength are needed.

Be frim, steady, and steadfast.

People will mock at you; be silent.

People will insult you; be silent.

People will spread evil rumours about you; be silent.

Stick to the spiritual path.

Do not swerve.

Seek the truth wherever it may lead you to, and whatever be the cost and sacrifice.

Swami Sivananda

To be continued    ....

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