The Eighteen "Ities" : 18.

18. PURITY :

Be pure at heart. Eradicate lust, anger and greed.

Be pure in your thoughts.

Think of God always.

Think of the well-being of all.

Be pure in your words; never utter harsh, unkind words.

Be pure in body.

Keep it clean and healthy.

Let the dress and surroundings be clean.

Observe the rules of physical, moral and spiritual hygiene.

These eighteen "Ities" will pave the way for you to march into the kingdom of God.

They will open for you the gates of immortality.

You will achieve great success in this life itself.

 A man who possesses these qualities in a very large measure is a saint indeed, who will be respected, adored and worshipped by one and all.


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Swami Sivananda

To be continued  ...