1. Chitra Purnima.


When you perform worship on the Chitra Purnima day, remember this story.

If you have intense faith, if you feel with a contrite heart that you have committed sins on account of ignorance, if you pray with faith and devotion to the Lord to forgive your sins, if you resolve never to commit them in the future, and if you resolve to be obedient to your Guru and never to flout his counsel, then your sins will be forgiven.

There is no doubt about this. This is the significance of the above story of Indra.

Meditate on this story on Chitra Purnima day.

The Hindu scriptures prescribe elaborate worship of the Chitra Guptas on this day.

The Deity is invoked in an image or a kalasa (vessel filled with water) and then worshipped with all the rituals and formalities of the worship offered to God’s image.

Meditate on Chitra Gupta,

reciting the following verse:

"Chitra guptam mahaa praajnam lekhaneepatra dhaarinam; Chitra-ratnaambara-dhaararn madhyastham sarvadehinaam."

Then offer ritualistic worship with incense, camphor, flowers, etc.

Feed some Brahmins, the poor and the needy.

Give bountifully in charity and receive the Lord’s blessings.


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Swami Sivananda

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