Practice of Meditation : 10.

While meditation in itself constitutes.

a very powerful attack on ignorance, Swami Sivananda suggests that the spiritual aspirant should practise Vichar also.

Vichar is enquiry into the real nature of things.

Vichara results in Viveka or discrimination between the real and the unreal.

It helps the aspirant to sift the true from the false.

Swamiji asserts that without cogitation, Truth cannot be known or realised.

Vichara sharpens the intellect and leads to the discernment of the Truth that lies behind the phenomenal universe.

How should the aspirant reflect?

The Master shows the way :

"Who am I?

What is Brahmam (God)?

What is this Samsara (process of worldly life)?

What is the goal of life?

How to attain the goal?

How to attain freedom from births and deaths?

What is the Svarupa of Moksha (Essential nature of liberation)?




Thus should the aspirant of liberation ever enquire, seeking to achieve the purpose of life".

The justification for this method of Vichara or enquiry is contained in the saying, "As you think, so you become".

By constant reflection on the Reality behind the appearances, the seeker attains oneness with the Reality and becomes that Reality itself.

Swami Sivananda

To be continued  ...

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