Practice of Meditation : 12.

The mind which was virtually dead during the deep sleep state could not itself have consciously enjoyed a sound slumber and remembered it.

The enjoyer is the Atma.

Swamiji repeatedly advises the spiritual seeker to identify himself with this Atman which is his real Self and not with his perishable body.

Constant identification with the Atman or the Witnessing Consciousness in oneself is a shortcut to spiritual success.

The aspirant who adopts this technique will soon rise above body consciousness.

The secret of spirituality lies in realising one's essential nature.

It is not becoming something outside of oneself.

It is not as if man and God are separate and that man should go to a God who is external to him and merge in that God.


God is already there, everywhere, Within us and outside of us.

 The body and the mind in which man is encased are mere illusions of an ignorant mind.

God only is.

All else is not.

All else is only appearance.

This appearance is made possible by the functioning of the mind.

Meditation and enquiry enable the aspirant to feel, to realise that he is, after all, Brahmam and not a bundle of body and mind.

When divine wisdom dawns, the Sadhak realises his innermost Being.

And being is Brahmam.

Swami Sivananda

To be continued  ...

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