3. Durga Puja or Navaratri

1.The presiding Deity over Creation and Dissolution-3.

The tenth day, Vijaya Dasami, marks the triumphant ovation of the soul at having attained liberation while living in this world, through the descent of knowledge by the Grace of Goddess Saraswathi.

The soul rests in his own Supreme Self or Satchidananda Brahmam.

This day celebrates the victory, the achievement of the goal.

The banner of victory flies aloft.

Lo! I am He! I am He!

This arrangement also has a special significance in the aspirant’s spiritual evolution.

It marks the indispensable stages of evolution through which everyone has to pass.

One naturally leads to the other; to short-circuit this would inevitably result in a miserable failure.

Nowadays many ignorant seekers aim straight at the cultivation of knowledge without the preliminaries of purification and acquisition of the divine qualities.

They then complain that they are not progressing on the path.

How can they?

Knowledge will not descend until the impurities have been washed out, and purity is developed.

How can the pure plant grow in impure soil?

Swami Sivananda
To be continued  ....

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