6. Holi - 1.

IN DAYS of yore, there were communities of cannibals in India.

They caused much havoc.

They threatened the lives of many innocent people.

One of them was Holika or Putana.

She took immense delight in devouring children.

Sri Krishna destroyed her and thus saved the little children.

Even today, the effigy or figure of Holika is burnt in the fire.

In South India, the clay figure of Cupid is burnt.

This is the origin of the great festival of Holi.

It begins about ten days before the full moon of the month Phalgun (February-March), but is usually only observed for the last three or four days, terminating with the full moon.

This is the spring festival of the Hindus.

In the spring season all the trees are filled with sweet-smelling flowers.

They all proclaim the glory and everlasting beauty of God.

They inspire you with hope, joy and a new life, and stir you on to find out the creator and the Indweller, who is hiding Himself in these forms.

Holi is known by the name of Kamadahana in South India, the day on which Cupid was burnt by Lord Siva.

Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  ....

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