6. Holi - 4.

On the festival day, people clean their homes, remove all dirty articles from around the house and burn them.

Disease-breeding bacteria are thereby destroyed.

The sanitary condition of the locality is improved.

During the festival, boys dance about in the streets.

People play practical jokes with passers-by.

A bonfire is lit towards the conclusion of the festival.

Games representing the frolics of the young Krishna take place joyously around a fire.

On the last day of Holi, people take a little fire from this bonfire to their homes.

They believe that their homes will be rendered pure, and their bodies free from disease.

Nowadays, people are found indulging in all sorts of vices in the name of the Holi festival.

Some drink intoxicating liquor like toddy and fall unconscious on the roads.

They indulge in obscene speech as a result of drinking.

They lose respect for their elders and masters.

They waste their money in drink and dice-play.

These evils should be totally eradicated.

Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  ....

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