12. Vasanta Navaratri : 1.

THE DIVINE MOTHER or Devi is worshipped during the Vasanta Navaratri.

This occurs during the spring.

She is worshipped by Her own command.

You will find this in the following episode in the Devi Bhagavata.

In days long gone by, King Dhruvasindu was killed by a lion when he went out hunting.

Preparations were made to crown the prince Sudarsana.

But, King Yudhajit of Ujjain, the father of Queen Lilavati, and King Virasena of Kalinga, the father of Queen Manorama, were each desirous of securing the Kosala throne for their respective grandsons.

They fought with each other.

King Virasena was killed in the battle.

Manorama fled to the forest with Prince Sudarsana and a eunuch.

They took refuge in the hermitage of Rishi Bharadwaja.

Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  ...