Appayya Dikshitar samadhi at Thiruvalangadu

14. Sri Appayya Jayanthi-4.

Appayya is considered as an Avatara of Lord Shiva.

When he went to Tirupati temple in South India, the Vaishnavas refused him admission.

The next morning they found the Vishnu murti in the temple changed into a Shiva murti.

The spiritual head of the temple was most astonished and startled.

He begged pardon and prayed to Appayya to restore the original form of Vishnu.

Appayya flourished in the middle of the 16th century.

He was a great rival of Pundit Jagannatha in the field of poetry.

Appayya had no independent views on the doctrinal side of Shankara’s Vedanta, but carried on fierce controversies with the followers of Vallabha at Jaipur and other places.

He summarised his views in the Siddhantalesha, which is the most admirable digest of the doctrinal differences among the followers of Adi Shankaracharya.

No doubt, he is among the greatest of the spiritual luminaries that India has produced. Though a detailed account of the history of his life is lacking, his works are sufficient testimony of his greatness.

On this great day (2nd October) when you celebrate the birthday of Appayya Dikshita, pray and worship the Lord and your Guru. Study Appayya’s works, especially his great devotional work, Atmarpana Stuthi.

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Swami Sivananda
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