15. Dattatreya Jayanthi-2.

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva came to know of the austerity and desire of Anusuya.

So, they agreed to their wives’ request, as they knew that by agreeing to it, they would also be fulfilling Anusuya’s wish.

They put on the garb of Sannyasins and appeared before Anusuya, asking her to give them alms as specified by their wives.

Anusuya was in a great dilemma.

She could not say “No” to the Sannyasins.

And she had to maintain her Pativrata Dharma also, which she would be violating if she appeared naked before men other than her own husband.

She meditated on the form of her husband, took refuge at his feet and sprinkled over the three Sannyasins a few drops of water used for washing the feet of her husband.

Immediately the Trimurtis were transformed into three babies on account of the glory of her chastity.

At the same time, there was accumulation of milk in her breast.

She thought that these children were her own and fed them with the milk, in a nude state and cradled them.

She was eagerly expecting the arrival of her husband who had gone to have a bath.

Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  ...

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