20. Sankara Jayanthi-2.

    Swami  Sri  Adi  Sankaracharya   is our Vedanta Guru.

He was God incarnate.

He was born at a time when Bharatiya  thought and culture were decaying;

when they underwent sore distraction;

when ethical glory and the widespread influence of the Buddhistic cult was gradually dying;

when there was complete chaos and confusion;

when innumerable sects sprang up and,

with their own individual doctrines,

confounded the masses;

when evil social influences and blind superstitions,

garbed falsely in the clothes of religion,

attracted the credulous masses into a frenzy,

and ambushed them into complete ignorance of the ultimate Reality.

There were no less than seventy-two cults and sects of this type which carried away people from the right path.

Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  .....