21. Skanda Sashti - 4.

In His picture, Lord Subramanya holds a spear in His hand, just as Lord Shiva holds the trident.

This is an emblem of power.

It indicates that He is the Ruler of the universe.

His vehicle is the peacock.

He rides on it.

This signifies that He has conquered pride, egoism and vanity.

There is a cobra under His feet, which indicates that He is absolutely fearless, immortal and wise.

Valli is on His one side, Deivayanai on the other. Sometimes He stands alone with His spear.

In this pose He is known as Velayudhan; this is His Nirguna aspect, which is free from the illusory power of Nature.

The six heads represent the six rays or attributes, namely, wisdom, dispassion, strength, fame, wealth and divine powers.

They indicate that He is the source of the four Vedas, the Vedangas and the six schools of philosophy.

They also indicate His control over the five organs of knowledge as well as the mind.

They denote that He is the Supreme Being with thousands of heads and hands.

That His head in turned in all directions signifies He is all-pervading.

They indicate that He can multiply and assume forms at His will.

Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  .....

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