23. Rama Navami-2.

    Let Sri Rama be your ideal.

Ideals are remembered and adored for the purpose of adopting them in your own life.

The Ramnavmi celebration or the Vasanta Navaratri every year is an opportune period for us to saturate ourselves with the spirit of Lord Rama.

We love and adore our ideals because we express thereby our yearning to unite with them.

In our worship of God it is implied that we should be virtuous, good and perfect even as God is.

Hence the wise instruction : -

“One should become divine in order to be able to worship God”.

One cannot be a real worshipper of Lord Rama unless one makes an honest attempt to grow in the virtues that the Lord represents.

On the other hand, worship of Lord Rama is itself the surest means to develop such virtues.

    One who approaches Sri Rama with love and worshipfulness becomes large-hearted, pure in spirit, good-natured and dispassionate in thought, word and deed.

 A true devotee of Lord Rama is His representative, with His power and His knowledge.

Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  .....

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