23. Rama Navami-3.

    Lord Rama was the prince of the Ikshvaku race.

He was virtuous and of manly strength.

 He was the Lord of the mind and the senses.

Brave and valiant, He was yet gentle and modest.

He was a sage in counsel, kind and sweet in speech, and most courteous and handsome in appearance.

He was the master of all the divine weapons, and a great warrior.

Ever devoted to the good and prosperity of His kingdom and His subjects, He was a defender of the weak and the protector of the righteous.

Endowed with numerous wondrous powers of the mind, He was well versed in all sciences—in military science as well as the science of the Self.

    Deep and unfathomed like the ocean, firm and steadfast like the Himalayan mountains, valiant like Lord Vishnu,

He was the joy of Kaushalya.

Though fierce like fire on the battlefield, He was calm like the cool breeze of the Mandara Hills, patient like Mother Earth, bounteous like the god of wealth and righteous like the lord of justice himself.

In the pains and the griefs of His people, His heart swiftly sympathised with the sufferers.

In the festive scenes which held them in joy, He like a father, shared their joys.

By His honour and heroism, as well as by His gentleness and love for His subjects, He greatly endeared Himself to the hearts of His people.

Such a great person was the Lord Rama!

Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  .....

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