23. Rama Navami-7.

    I shall tell you the means of attaining the final release from the great cycle of births and deaths.

Devotion to Lord Rama is a great purifier of the heart.

From devotion arises knowledge.

From knowledge comes the realisation of the pure Self.

Knowing this perfectly, one goes to the Supreme Abode and merges in the Supreme Self.

    Without first developing devotion to Rama who is the Self, who lives in the hearts of all beings, who is all bliss and who is peerless, how can man cross the ocean of worldly life which has sorrow, pain and misery for its waves?

    Do thou therefore worship Lord Rama who is Vishnu and the consort of Sita who is Lakshmi. Abandon all foolishness and enmity. Take to the service of Lord Rama.

The Lord is extremely fond of those who have surrendered themselves to Him.

He has given this promise in the Ramayana : -

“To anyone who once takes shelter under Me and solicits ‘I am Thine’, I bestow fearlessness from all beings. This is My vow”.

Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  .....

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