24. Pradosha Vrata - 4.2.

1.  Here is the Yogic interpretation of the Pradosha : 2

    Those who worship Mother Shakti have certain beliefs of their own, one of which is that the Goddess that is worshipped acquires one ray on each of the days of the bright fortnight, starting from the first day.

Thus, on the full moon night, the Goddess would have received fifteen rays and would be ready for the final form of worship intended to benefit the devout worshipper in all ways.

That is why the Navavarana worship is always conducted on the full moon day.

    The moon is believed to have a direct influence on the mind.

Incidentally, the word mati means both the moon and the mind.

    According to Shiva-Raja Yoga there are two channels through which the Prana flows.

These are the Ida and the Pingala, ruled respectively by the moon and the sun.

Midway between these two there is a third, known as Sushumna.

The Yogi is asked to start the practice of Yoga when the breath is passing through the lunar channel.

Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  .....

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