24. Pradosha Vrata - 4.2.1

2. Let me now describe the actual process of Shiva-Raja Yoga:1

The Yogi sits in utter darkness, with the head and body erect, eyes open, and the gaze directed to the centre of the eyebrows.

He utters the Mantra in his mind and, without restraining his breath, concentrates his gaze at the middle of the eyebrows, ever on the thought of the appearance of the lights.

The deep concentration resulting thereby yields the following fruits, in order.

    First, he overcomes the distractions of his mind.

 He reaches a stage wherein he seems to hear somebody talking somewhere in the distance.

The words are not distinct, but a sort of murmur is heard.

Nevertheless, since his mind is elsewhere, he pays no attention to it.

In fact, the sound comes from nowhere outside.

It is his own mind that produces these sounds.

The mind is actually functioning in its form as sound.

Soon afterwards, this sound ceases, and he begins to see all sorts of visions, in the same manner as we see pictures in a movie.

It appears (as if in a dream) that he is passing through hills of varying degrees of beauty, through seas and lakes of all sorts of colours and shapes, and through clouds of different hues.

The clouds appear dark and thick at first and thin out gradually.

These are scenes which are very pleasant to witness.

But they are only thought-forms, an imagery created by the mind as it is functioning as a form.

It is in this stage that the Yogi may hear musical notes as well—of the flute, violin, cymbals or any other instrument.

Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  .....

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