24. Pradosha Vrata - 4.2

2. Let me now describe the actual process of Shiva-Raja Yoga:3

 At first a yellow and a red light appear, the red being in the centre and two yellow flame-like lights on either side.

After a few days, all these colours pass away and he begins to see a steady light of the shape and colour of the moon.

As his practice advances, this grows brighter and brighter, and the whole room in which the Yogi sits is gradually illumined, starting with the intensity of twilight until it becomes a flood of bright light.

Yet in this state nothing that is in the room is seen; other things which are not there, begin to appear.

They come and go with amazing rapidity, and reveal many things to him.

    Thus far, we have dwelt upon only the first four stages of the entire series of sixteen stages which have to be passed through by the Shiva-Raja Yogi before he finally attains union with Lord Shiva.

The details of the experiences at each stage vary from man to man, as also from day to day. But, in the main, these are the stages:

    At first, the Yogi is aware of what transpires about him.

He is in the waking part of the waking state.

Then the pictures come in the dream part of his waking state.

The feeling of overpowering sleep occurs in the deep sleep part of the waking state.

The appearance of the light occurs in the fourth part of the waking stage.

Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  .....

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