24. Pradosha Vrata - 4.3.

1.  Here is the Yogic interpretation of the Pradosha : 3.

    This coincides with the flow of the breath through the left nostril.

If, however, at the time of practice the flow is through the right nostril, the Yogi is asked to perform a special exercise by which to change the flow to the left.
When the Yogi concentrates on the point between the eyebrows, he transcends, stage by stage, the first twelve sub-states.

The current of breath continues flowing through the lunar channel.

The “moon” is gaining more and more strength.

When the 13th day is reached, the spiritual power of the Yogi has correspondingly increased, and he is in a condition to see the lights which appear in the nerve centre in between the eyebrows.

In inverse proportion to the increase in concentration is the duration of the Yogi’s breath.

At the start of the practice, the breath will occupy a space of 16 fingers (inches approximately).

The moment the concentration has led him from the waking to the dream state, the length of the breath becomes only 12 fingers.

In this way, when he reaches the thirteenth stage, only 4 fingers of breath would remain.

As this breath now circulates only within the nostril, no breath is noticeable at the tip of the nose.

From that moment the light is fixed permanently at the centre between the eyebrows, and the Yogi would have realised the object of his practice.

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Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  .....

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