25-Satya Narayana Vrata-2

    Five stories are connected with this Vrata.

They speak about the glory of Lord Narayana and His Grace, His prasad, and of the incalculable benefit derived by observing the Vrata.

He who hears these stories with faith, devotion and one-pointedness of mind derives considerable benefit.

The first of these is the story of Narada, narrated above.

The other stories have great moral lessons in them concerning truthfulness, fulfilment of promises, etc.

    1. The Story of a Poor Brahmin :

    There was a very poor Brahmin.

He was living on alms.

Lord Narayana appeared before him in the form of an old Brahmin, asked him to observe the Satya Narayana Vrata and gave him His word of assurance that he would be free from poverty, by observing this Vrata.

The Brahmin acted accordingly.

All his desires were fulfilled.

    2. The Story of a Wood-cutter :

    The same Brahmin then did the Vrata on a grand scale.

 A poor wood-cutter entered the compound of the Brahmin to drink some water.

The Katha of Satya Narayana was going on.

The wood-cutter, attracted only by the skill of the story-teller, sat down and heard it with rapt attention.

He also was inspired to observe the Vrata in his house.

He took some prasad and ate it.

    Then he went to the market-place and sold his bundle of fuel.

He received double the usual amount for his fuel.

He immediately purchased the things that were necessary for the Vrata and observed it along with his family members, with intense faith and devotion.

All his desires were fulfilled.

He enjoyed everything that was possible on this earth plane.

 After death he attained the supreme abode of Satya Loka where Truth alone prevails.

Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  .....

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